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Barcelona, Spain

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Our Mission

Our Barcelona office acts as a bridge between local players and Riot by building tailored experiences and making sure their voices are heard.

Our Barcelona office was established in 2017 to take company-wide projects and tailor them to players in Spain. Over time, this objective was expanded to serve our audiences in Portugal and Italy as well. Our publishing team covers communications, social media, public relations, events, grassroots competitions, local partnerships, and much more. We aspire to make sure our players’ voices are heard and for their interactions with Riot to be memorable, meaningful, and long-lasting. 

One thing we’ve heard for years is that players wanted a League-inspired animated show. Arcane’s premiere was a huge moment for the community so we made sure they had some places to celebrate. To start, we created a space at Lucca Comics, one of the largest pop culture and comic events in the world. For the premiere, we hosted watch parties at theaters in Milan and Madrid where 2,000 people watched the first episode live. Before and after the premiere, we created shows in our local languages watched by over 100,000 people. It was a moment that we will forever cherish since we celebrated the stories and characters we all love, together, as a community. 

Players in this region are incredibly passionate. We hear that passion everyday but we saw it on display at the 2018 League of Legends European Championship in Madrid where the crowd reached an incredible 110db, about the same noise level as a jet engine when taking off. Isn’t that insane?! Our ears are still recovering from that one.

Whether we are working on the premiere of Arcane or the latest in-game event, we’re a tight-knit group of Rioters who help each other and learn from each other every day. We work together across multiple areas to bring the best possible experiences to all of our players in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. 



Recordando el fenómeno de Arcane en España


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