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Dubai, UAE

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Our Mission

In Dubai, we build strong connections with players in the Middle East and North Africa, laying the groundwork for the future of Riot Games in our region.

Dubai is a world-class metropolitan epicenter for culture, tourism, business, and electronic entertainment. We have planted our flag in this iconic region to create impactful experiences for players around the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 

The region we cover is expansive. Players come from a wide range of countries, cultures, and backgrounds. In all, we represent players in 15 countries which we break down into sub-groups:

  • Levant: Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and Palestine
  • The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates
  • North Africa: Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia 

With a rich history, players in these regions speak a range of different languages and practice different religions, with Arabic and Islam making up the majority. But all players have plenty in common too, starting with a love for games. From playing with friends to climbing the ranked ladder, gaming will always be a common love. That’s what we’re here to support. 

One project we are particularly proud of is the Nexus project in 2019. Players from around MENA came together in Saudi Arabia for an event that involved esports, cosplay, concerts, a theme park, and much more. In partnership with our office in Istanbul, this was one of the first times players from all over MENA came together to share their love for our games. 

Those experiences are what we’re here for and we can’t wait to deliver more in the future. Our office opened in 2018 with five employees and has already grown to 10+ with more on the way. We’re located in Dubai Media City in the Business Central Towers looking out over the iconic Palm Islands. While we are nearby other major companies like Microsoft and Google, our offices are unmistakable with League of Legends and VALORANT vinyl covering the walls.



Arcane: Lighting Up the Dubai Skyline

Dubai Open Positions

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