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Los Angeles, USA

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Our Mission

We aspire to be the most player-focused game company in the world

Since Riot was founded in 2006, we’ve called Los Angeles home. This city celebrates art, technology, and dream-chasing, which is really what Riot is all about. As we’ve grown, we’ve gone global, and we’ve also moved around LA a bit. 

Our campus in West LA gives us plenty of space to work (and play). As we’ve gone from one game to many, expanded into entertainment, and brought on tons of amazing partners, we’ve always worked to keep Riot’s player-focused vision at the forefront. Our main HQ is the epicenter of Riot and making sure it's a place for inspiration, reflection, and passion is crucial to helping Riot continue to evolve.



LAX Campus Tour


Whether it’s the pirate-themed Bilgewater Brew offering a variety of coffee creations, the dietician-assisted rotating menu at our on-campus cafeteria Noms, or the fruity concoctions at the smoothie bar next door to the LCS Arena, the campus is designed to inspire Rioters every day. We also have gyms and a basketball court to help offset all this fully subsidized food. Don’t worry, there are also showers, because no one likes sitting next to sweaty coworkers. 

As a gaming company, playing games is a natural part of the work day. But here we just call it “research.” We’ve got a PC Bang, VR room, cabinet arcade, and a general gaming area that runs through every generation from Pong to the latest gen consoles. 

While we’re hiring around the world, we still need plenty of talented Rioters to join us in West LA. Our campus is expanding, with more buildings set to open in 2022 and 2023, so check out the jobs below. Even if you’re looking for a spot in one of the other global offices, chances are good you’ll be headed to LA for orientation, which we lovingly call Denewbification (Denewb for short). See you around!


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Puestos disponibles: 38