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Social Impact


Limiting our impact on climate change and operating our business in sustainable ways


Environmental sustainability is a crucial issue for players, for Riot, and for the entire world. While sustainability has always been something we’ve strived for, it’s high time we made our commitments abundantly clear. By putting in the work ourselves, working with impactful partners, and sharing best practices with the rest of the gaming industry, we can, and must, push forward towards a healthier world. 

Our Commitments

We want players to be able to enjoy our games for generations to come. To make that future a reality, we have to follow the science to stay up to date on the best practices for sustainability while staying committed to reducing our overall environmental impact. 

We’ve done the research to understand our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and we’re ready to introduce our commitments as a company:

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

After going from one game to five, we conducted in-depth research and calculated our first-ever Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory using data from 2021. This inventory helped us to understand what our Scope 1-3 emissions were and where they came from and guided us to determine the right opportunities for the best path forward. Science-based targets provide a defined pathway for companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the next two years, we will submit baseline data and move forward with a fully reviewed GHG reduction plan. We are committed to reporting this data each year in our annual Impact Reports.

Our 2021 GHG Emission Footprint

Scope 3 emissions by category

As Scope 3 accounts for the largest part of our carbon footprint we’ve broken out what specific categories fall into Scope 3.
Purchased goods & services72.3%
Capital goods3.5%
Fuel & energy related activities1.5%
Business travel5.3%
Employee commuting4.0%
Upstream leased assets12.4%

Sustainability-Focused Initiatives

Riot Games Sustainability focused initiatives


While our commitments drive our company’s decisions in all facets, we are proud to continue our tradition of bespoke sustainability initiatives that make an impact on the world around us. In the past, we’ve worked with players using in-game fundraisers to direct millions of dollars to sustainability organizations. In our offices, we’ve employed a variety of sustainability practices to reduce food waste, water usage, and energy consumption.

In esports, we’ve used Worlds to bring sustainability in-game and work with long-time partners to make an exponential impact. In addition, our remote broadcast center in Dublin, which opened in 2022 and broadcasts Worlds to millions of players worldwide, is already running on 100% renewable energy.

As we look toward the future, we recognize that there is always more work to be done. Our commitments and initiatives are just part of this mission that the world will have to accomplish together. We’re excited to keep improving the ways we can make an impact as we work towards our commitments as a company.


Dublin’s Remote Broadcast Center received its ISO certification in the summer of 2023. ISO is an internationally recognized environmental standard.