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Istanbul, Turkey

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Our Mission

We aim to connect players in Turkey to the global Riot Games ecosystem through enriched local experiences.

A Ryze statue welcomes all visitors to our Istanbul office. Behind the massive statue of one of our original League of Legends champions is a bustling office full of collaboration, support, and plenty of talk about last night’s victories on the ranked ladder. 

We have had offices in Istanbul since 2012 but as we’ve grown, we’ve moved spaces a few times. We think of the offices as always in beta. We’ve been in our current space since 2018 and are still improving it to fit the ever-changing needs of Rioters. 

We’re always working on several projects but the end goal is always the same: Providing the best possible experience for players. Over the last ten years we’ve cultivated local gaming communities and the esports ecosystem here in Turkey. One of our favorite moments was launching local game servers for players in Turkey as we saw players be able to take their games to the next level. Plus, our ranks saw an immediate boost, a true win-win. 

Players in Turkey are hardcore. We are too. We work hard and we play hard. But we always do it as a team, whether we are on Summoner’s Rift or launching game servers. At the end of the day, we always find some time to relax on the office’s terrace overlooking Istanbul. We are proud to be part of the growing gaming environment in Turkey and will continue to be a pillar for all gamers in Turkey well into the future.



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