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When we made the move to our new headquarters in West Los Angeles, we received lots of requests to visit the space. We took some time to settle in and spiff up the joint, and now we’re excited to welcome players to our digs. The tour explores Riot culture, and includes a look at how League and the community influenced the design of our campus.

We launched player tours into beta mode in February and it’s been a great experience so far! While we’re getting our sea legs, there’ll be a limited number of dates available, so keep an eye out for more information.

To sign up for a tour, just select the date you’re interested in and answer a few questions. Once you submit your request, you’ll receive a registration confirmation within three business days. If tours are full, or available dates don’t fit into your schedule, don’t worry! We’ll release additional dates during the first week of each month, so check back often.

For further information about tours, check out the Tours FAQ.

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Riot Tours Updates

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