Riot Games Sao Paulo

Rioters have set up shop in Sao Paulo, the seventh-largest city in the world.  Like a mix of Noxus and Demacia, this gritty, yet alluring city combines a maze of museums and culture with the atmosphere of the fallen favelas. From Paulista Avenue, the city’s most famous street, we slake Brazilian players' thirsts for hardcore gaming with localized League of Legends.

Rioters in Brazil come from all over the country to collaborate and support players through innovative promotions and events. During the Season Two World Championships, for example, we took over several local pubs and bars. One event in Sao Paulo had over two hundred attendees downing Singed Insanity Potions and Gangplank Cannon Barrages while tuning in to witness the Taipei Assassins claim the crown.

We are artists, engineers, and publishing pros. While we don't have all the same interests, our passion for League of Legends — and tormenting Leao with our utter disregard for all things football — brings us together.  When the internet turned "Mordekaiser es numero uno" into a slam against Brazilian players, we hijacked the meme and turned it into our personal motto.

Since the building is filled with other businesses that aren’t quite as colorful, we've been warned by the landlord to keep the raucous parties and frenetic fun toned down more than five times. This may or may not have led to a fine. But, come on, we like to keep a light mood around here. We lob flowers at the office status quo by firing off NERF darts and refusing to turn the music down. The Riot Games Sao Paulo teambuilding menu is varied, but the house specialty is the morning ARAM, and we can often be found doing karaoke together. Of course, the forecast in Riot Games Sao Paulo always includes picadinho, feijoada, and other staples of Paulistano cuisine with a chance of skydiving.

The city isn't only about the acclaimed culinary experience, Sao Paulo also welcomes internationally famous sporting events like F1 Grands Prix or ATP tour competitions. Enormous audiences arrive during Fashion Week, and Sao Paulo hosts the largest annual pride parade in the world.

Sao Paulo's traditional catchphrase is "I am not led, I lead." Our office brings League of Legends to the fifth-largest country in the world through new player-engaging strategies, and we aspire to lead the way in the emerging esports scene.

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Perks beyond the norm

  • Flexible hours
  • Subsidized dinners/ lunches and drinks
  • Best karaoke and other parties
  • Riot offsite (skydiving, barbecue, board game nights)
  • All-company “Show and Tell” stand-ups
  • Daily League of Legends playtests
  • Top-of-the-line computers and peripherals
  • Riot Games and League of Legends apparel and promotional items
  • Riot Play Fund

Rioters are also hooked up with better-than-basic benefits.


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