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Riot Culture

"Fostering an environment where our mission becomes reality."

As much as we sometimes joke about ourselves still being a small indie company, the reality is that the Riot of today is different from the Riot of 2006. We’ve gone from one office filled with a few friends to 20+ filled with 2,500+ Rioters from all over the world. And in some ways, as our company grew, our culture didn’t always keep up.


As a first step toward updating Riot's culture, a group of long-time Rioters came together to make an important change—refreshing our values as a company to reflect not who we are today, but the company we want to be in the future. They talked to more than 1,700 Rioters to discover who we needed to be to deliver on our promise to players and each other. And together with these Rioters, the team co-wrote new Riot values.


Now we’re setting our sights on making them a part of every aspect of Riot. We're taking a hard look at how we work together: everything from organization structure to collaboration to company strategy to product development.


This work is being done in parallel with our work on Diversity & Inclusion, which you can read about here.

We identified three work streams to make their mission a success. We revamped our hiring process and Denewbification (new Rioter orientation) so we get new Rioters off on the right foot. Then we partnered with teams to create localized plans. We’ll share updates and the best culture stories that come out of this process here on RiotGames.com and across our social accounts.

Strong Leadership

We need strong leaders across the organization to reinforce our values across teams and make the values tangible in our daily lives at Riot. We’re doing this through intensive leadership development and by working with teams and leaders across Riot to develop plans based on where their teams are today. This includes helping to establish and kick off team-level rituals that reinforce the culture we aspire to achieve.  

Systems & Processes

At our scale we need systems and processes that reflect and reinforce our values at every touchpoint. We’re constantly evaluating and updating all of our current systems and processes, from hiring to Denewb to performance management to job architecture and beyond.

Education & Recognition

None of this matters if Rioters don’t deeply understand and believe in these values while embracing and upholding them in their daily lives. We’re building programs for ongoing Riot-wide education, cultural storytelling, and recognition programs that reinforce what great looks like—and what it doesn’t—so we’re all working toward (and celebrating) the same Riot.