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Diversity & Inclusion


We want to do our part to ensure that players and Rioters feel represented in our games and in the industry in communities around the world. As we look toward the next generation of game developers, creative minds, and Rioters, we aim to make the gaming industry a better place for all. 

Underrepresented Founders Program (URF)

In 2020, Riot created the Underrepresented Founders Program to invest in startup programs from underrepresented founders in the gaming community. We initially committed $10M during the inception of the program and in 2022 committed to continuing URF as a component of our Riotwide investment portfolio. Currently, we have a roster of 15 game studios hard at work creating a multitude of adventures, and experiences. 

Companies Invested in:

Authentic Storytelling & In-Game Representation

The games we make today should feel authentic years from now. Every time we develop a new champion or agent, we engage our D&I Content Strike Team made up of D&I practitioners, regional Rioters, and RIG members to review the design, narrative, and art direction. This has been critical to creating more characters from various communities around the world, particularly those we don’t see a lot of in games and entertainment.