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Riot's St. Louis office outpost began in a basement. It was just one engineer working solo for a while, then another engineer joined him, and more arrived after that. We soon had enough people for our own five-man team, forcing us out of the basement to a roomier kitchen table. One problem – the piercing wails of a newborn made it really hard to concentrate at times.

Eventually, the baby won. We left the cozy cottage and rolled into real office digs, but we’ve kept the same tight-knit feel. To be fair, there's still some wailing in the new office – mostly when teammates fail to call MIA during heated battles of League of Legends.

In our new space, we’ve maintained the Riot vibe. A 20-foot-wide mural of Pulsefire Ezreal dominates the space. We've got a dedicated PC Bang for daily playtests and a fully equipped kitchen, complete with built-in Kegerator, for noms. And we've plastered building hallways with champion artwork, a move that's gained us some notoriety with others who work in the building.

But really, the space is about making it easy for the team to get stuff done. When it's time for srs bzns, headphones go on – our "do not disturb" signal – and silence settles across the room as code's written, data’s analyzed, and tech's coordinated.

Rioters representing Data, Player Services, IDS, Operations, IT, and Facilities already reside in the Gateway to the West. We’ve built large-scale data-collection pipelines, used Big Data to compose unique player-facing applications, and constructed the heart of widespread system analytics that enable everyone at Riot to pump out the information they need, self-service style.

We’re still welcoming new members to our team. Fortunately, there's abundant housing close to the office. According to Business Insider, St. Louis is a pretty affordable place to live.

After hours, the office camaraderie carries us to one of the many nightlife hotspots – such as the Central West End, Washington Avenue, or the Loop – which boast two of the top-ten greatest streets in America. Live music abounds, from national tours to home-grown blues. We recommend the more adventurous newbies catch the Cards at Busch Stadium, explore any of our hundreds of city parks, or get lost in the massive playground an eclectic millionaire built out of trash.

From the kitchen table story, it’s obvious that some of us come equipped with small children. For those little Riotlings, St. Louis sports excellent schools and a World Class Zoo. It's good to keep the kids busy while they're not working on their Elo. Make 'em earn their college tuition with tournament winnings, right?

Wonder what it'd be like to spend a day in the life of a St. Louis Rioter? No matter where you sit, whether at HQ or in an office on the other side of the globe, you're a Rioter to the core. But each office expresses its riotousness in its own unique way. That's why we had a few St. Louis Rioters share their day-in-the-life stories:

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Perks beyond the norm

  • Flexible hours
  • Hot breakfast… unless you arrive late, then it's lukewarm breakfast
  • Free lunch Tuesdays
  • “Show and Tell” stand-ups
  • All-company “Show and Tells,” "Taste the Riot" fairs, and "Thunderdome" hackathons (infused with adult beverages)
  • Team-building events (past events include paintballing and ultimate Frisbee)
  • On-site PC Bang and Kegerator
  • Daily League of Legends playtests
  • Free cereal, fresh fruit, snacks, tea and fresh ground coffee; sodas for a quarter
  • Ongoing education and training through Riot U
  • Top-of-the-line computers and peripherals
  • Weekly visits from a certified masseuse
  • Submit your champion ideas directly to the dudes and dudettes that make ‘em real
  • Riot Games and League of Legends apparel and promotional items
  • Aeron chairs

Rioters are also hooked up with better-than-basic benefits.


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