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Riot Dublin took a forward leap into new digs back in 2015, when we moved into a roomier custom-built office along the River Liffey. Split across three floors, the new space helps us deliver value to European players by offering an abundance of spaces for team collaboration and cutting-edge A/V to make cross-region video conferencing as seamless as one of Taliyah’s well-woven walls. A cozy second-floor library overlooking the Liffey offers a quiet place to hole up and collect your thoughts, glance through notes before a presentation, do a bit of strategic planning, or just read a book and sip a shot from one of the building’s many Nespresso® coffee docks.

Speaking of refreshment, there’s a large canteen and buffet area in which Rioters can grab a catered hot lunch three days a week, plus morning juice cocktails to provide an energy boost, and it’s not uncommon to see a tower of pizza boxes arrive in time for the occasional all-hands meeting. TL;DR: You won’t go hungry working here.

When the office first opened in 2010, we focused on player support and localisation. Since then we’ve cultivated a host of new disciplines – Community, Biz Dev, Network Ops, Product,  Engineering, Data Analytics, Player Insights, PR, Marketing, Talent, Finance and Information Security – to support the growing League of Legends community. If you’re a fan of League and best in class at your profession, there’s a good chance we have a role that’s a perfect fit for you.

In the most recent 2016 Great Place To Work poll, we were recognised as the 4th Best Medium Workplace in Ireland. It was a huge honour and we’re always striving to make the Dublin office a place where talented, ambitious League fans want to spend their workdays.

Walk through any section of the open-plan office and you’ll hear more than a dozen languages. Ever wonder what it sounds like when a Paris-born Rioter’s champion gets ganked because his mid-laner forgot to ping a warning? Let’s just say it brings new meaning to “pardon my French.” Our backgrounds and nationalities may differ, but our passion for games – League of Legends in particular – remains a unifying constant.

You’ll bump into top-tier League players – Diamonds and Plats and Golds – while roaming the office, so you’re covered if you ever have a question about Aurelion Sol’s optimal build. Most workstations have multiple screens and you’ll often see an esports broadcast playing alongside somebody’s work.

Dublin’s steeped in culture, and the city that nurtured Yeats and Joyce still buzzes with a lively theatre and arts scene. It’s also grown into a booming technology hub with Google, Facebook and others running their EU operations out of offices just walking distance from ours. The relative compactness of the city centre makes it highly walkable and removes stress from getting where you need to be. (Don’t worry though, there are still buses, trains, light rail and taxis if you prefer to go on a magical-yet-less-strenuous journey.)

Working in Dublin gives us easy access to the European continent, where we meet up with players at European conferences and tournaments. Our esports office and studio is just a two-hour flight away in Berlin in case we get the urge to go check out an EU LCS broadcast and see Europe’s best teams dominate on the Rift.

Rioters from all over the world have found a home in Dublin where rich history, vibrant culture, fresh entertainment, Runeterra-like landscapes and plenty of ARAM breaks await.


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  • Flexible hours and PTO (paid time off) allowance

  • Charitable donation-matching

  • Nespresso coffee docks, fresh fruit, snacks, etc

  • Three subsidized lunches each week and other occasional meals

  • Top-of-the-line computers, peripherals, monitors, and more

  • Staff outings like zip-lining, trampoline dodgeball and IMAX screenings of the latest Hollywood blockbuster

  • Submit your champion ideas directly to the people who bring them to life

  • Travel allowance to offset commuting expenses

  • Queue Dodge: lump-sum payout if you decide Riot’s not a good fit and depart within first six months

  • Gym subsidy

  • Weekly visits from certified local massage therapist

  • Free Riot-branded and League of Legends apparel, plus other promotional goodies

  • €250 annual gaming allowance


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