Riot Games Ho Chi Minh City

Meet Vietnam: the home of Bánh mì and Cà phê sữa đá, the iconic sandwich and the insanely strong (and delicious) iced coffee. Spectacular landscapes, rich history, street food delights and motorcycle madness. And notably, one of the most dynamic developing countries in the world, a land of opportunity and pulsating entrepreneurial energy.

We’re bursting on the scene with a new Vietnam office to join our longtime local partner Garena as we expand our presence in the region.

In Vietnam, we have some of the most talented and ambitious gamers in the world. Our purpose is to honor players and build amazing infrastructural pieces that will support and grow the gaming ecosystem like it has never been done in Vietnam before.

To do great things is a team sport. Whatever sparks your inner inferno, join our diverse team of dreamers, designers, and publishers to transform the impossible into something local players experience for the first time.

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