Riot Games Barcelona

The Spanish community is known worldwide for its passion, expressed through boisterous crowds and undying support of their heroes; its competitiveness, displayed through its commitment to League and the intense competitions that fill the biggest arenas; and its social atmosphere, an attribute that allows the community to have their own voice and be part of something bigger.

Thanks to this, Spain has cemented itself in the history of League of Legends since its inception. Together we’ve built a tight-knit community and made events like EU LCS Tenerife 2013, EU LCS Madrid 2015, and AllStar 2016 truly special.  

At Riot, we strive to deliver unique, best-in-class experiences that will delight players around the country through everything we do. We believe living closer to players in Spain is essential to achieving this goal.

Barcelona will become the base camp of an elite, cross-functional, results-driven, lean team whose focus will be the Spanish players. We’ll carefully plan, design and execute projects on a regular basis in various shapes of form, from local community viewing parties to esports events.

This is where you come in!

At Riot Games Barcelona we’re looking for ambitious, passionate, experienced, and humble professionals to help us stay connected to Spanish players. Of course, we’re gamers too; we jump on the latest games and enjoy some healthy in-office competition. You’ll join a newly established but very experienced Riot team who’ll support you in your journey as much as you’ll support theirs—we’re a team after all.

Our journey towards making Riot Games Barcelona great starts now; if you’d like to help us shape the future of what’s to come, check out the open positions below and apply!

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