Hey Folks,


This Winter we hosted an API challenge and it was one for the books! We gave our developer community 5 weeks to work on their projects, with over 300,000 RP up for grabs.


For the first time ever, we opened our API Challenge to applications that interacted with the game client through the the League Client APIs and the response has been amazing. We had developers of all skill levels participate, ranging from senior developers to university students on winter break.


And now for our amazing winners: It was amazing to see how much each team was able to accomplish with endpoints they had not used before the challenge. Read on to learn more about the winning teams in each category.




Winner: Dark Binding by xJinx (EUW)

Dark Binding allows you to define groups of keybindings to which you can assign individual champions. When you go into a game, Dark Binding will detect your champion and automatically switch to the keybinding page you defined

Runner Up: Hextech Friends by Elementaiist Lux (EUW)

Hextech Friends is a small utility program that enables you to invite people to your game lobby easily and quickly without having to add them to your friends list






Winner: Insert Mission Here by Vexrax (NA) and Earleking (NA)

Insert Mission Here creates missions for clubs and individuals. It also features Club Wars a competition between clubs on whose members can complete the most missions

Runner Up:: Trophy Hunter by TiFu (EUW) and CookieKnight (EUW)

Trophy Hunter creates your own personalized trophy wall based on the challenges that you complete. It is designed to be enjoyable for all kind of League players, and aims to provide even casual players with something that is nice to look at and that they can be proud of. The challenges are meant to be fun, help players improve, push them to think outside the box and emphasize teamplay





Winner: API Bravery by Heriot (EUW) and MT RainbowWolf (NA)

API Bravery is an application that automates the Ultimate Bravery community game mode and keeps you honest. It randomizes champions, summoner spells, runes, and item sets

Runner Up: YasuNO by psuedonym117 (NA) and Derpthemeus (NA)

YasuNO is a very simple application that blocks the user from picking Yasuo, perfect for breaking your addiction



These winners will each be receiving 50,000 RP per team member and the runners ups will be each receiving 15,000 RP per team member. Congratulations to all of them.

We would also like to give shoutouts to a few projects we really enjoyed.

  • League Voice allows you to manage your Champion select with your voice powered by Google Home.

  • 8 Bit League was an alternate client for the game that was completely contained in the Windows console.

  • Ancient Chimes allows you to export and import your friends list. Allowing you to make backups as needed.

Thank you to everyone who participated, if you are interested in talking to these developers more please join the developer discord (discord.gg/riotgamesdevrel).