UPDATE 03/4/19:
As a result of the v4 encryption of IDs, we have made some changes to the GDPR right to be forgotten process.
We are now renaming summoners to rtbf(SummonerID) and changing the level to 1 when a RTBF request is complete. 


Hi Folks,


As you may be aware, the comprehensive privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is now in effect. GDPR gives EU residents greater control over their personal data, including by allowing them to exercise their rights by sending “data subject requests” to data controllers. As a developer using the Riot Games API, you may have access to personal data subject to the GDPR. Here are the steps we would suggest to remain compliant.


Accounts that have been forgotten by Riot Games will have their summoner names renamed to the following format: rtbf(summonerID)


Example: player with summonerID 12345 will now be listed as rtbf12345.


When you detect a summoner name following this format, we recommend removing any associations with the account that you may have. Additionally we recommend updating the accounts of players at least once every 30 days.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


Riot Git Gene