Hey folks,


Since the release of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) we have seen a ton of cool tools developed aimed at helping players get better at the mode. We have also seen a lot of interest in the release of gameplay data through the API. With the launch of a ranked mode for TFT, we are releasing the first bit of that data.We are adding a new value to the queue parameter for the four endpoints within LEAGUE-V4 that use said parameter. 


Endpoints using the new RANKED_TFT queue query parameter:






Endpoints where the new RANKED_TFT queue may appear in the response:



This will allow you to get the TFT wins, losses, and rank of players after they’ve completed five ranked placements games in the mode. As a note, only first place finishes count as wins. When a player finishes second through eighth, their result counts as a loss. Only first through fourth place results can earn LP. Alternatively, fifth through eight place results can lead to LP losses. The amount of LP gained or lost will be impacted by the rank of the player’s finish. First place will gain more LP than second place, and eighth place finishers will lose more LP than fifth place finishers.


As noted above, these changes will go live with the release of TFT ranked.  Please note, though, that TFT Ranked will not be live in all regions at once. If you make queries for RANKED_TFT in regions where Ranked TFT is not yet live, you will not see results.


In order for your product to use this data in an approved way, your product must cite its use of TFT data through the Developer Portal. If you are creating a new product using TFT data, please register it on the Developer Portal. If you are adding a TFT feature to your existing product, please send the team a note through the My Apps page in the Developer Portal. In both cases, please wait for confirmed approval before publishing your TFT ranked product or feature.


As always if you need any help please join the developer Discord or message us on Twitter.