Tournament-V5 is now live! The migration is complete and Tournament-V5 is now available to use for all applications with tournament API access. As a reminder, Tournament-V5 uses PUUID instead of Summoner ID.

Experiencing issues? Please let us know by leaving a comment here!

Don’t have access to the tournament API but want it? If you’ll be running tournaments, let us know in your approved League of Legends production app messages or request a new application on the Developer Portal



Good things come to those who wait (and wait and wait and wait) - We have revived Tournament Stubs! You may now use Tournament-Stub-V5 with your Development or League of Legends API key to test the tournament functionality. 

Additionally, Tournament-V5 will be available on the League of Legends PBE server as part of patch 13.19. This access will be available to those with Tournament-V4 access from September 20 though October 11, 2023. Please note PBE data will be wiped after the migration on October 11 at 12PM PDT.

If you don’t currently have access to PBE, please visit this link for more info.

Tournament-V5 documentation will be up on our portal after the migration. In the meantime, below is a reference of the new methods and endpoints:

  • POST: /lol/tournament/v5/codes
  • GET: /lol/tournament/v5/lobby-events/by-code/{tournamentCode}
  • PUT: /lol/tournament/v5/codes/{tournamentCode}
  • GET: /lol/tournament/v5/codes/{tournamentCode}
  • POST: /lol/tournament/v5/providers
  • POST: /lol/tournament/v5/tournaments 

As you folks are testing things out, you can reach out to us via app messaging in the Developer Portal if you run into any issues or have questions. 

Have fun, and we’ll be in touch again soon!


On October 11, 2023, the Tournament Team will be migrating servers. As part of this change, Tournament-V4 will be deprecated and a new service, Tournament-V5, will be created. 

We’re happy to announce that we are (finally) updating the tournament API! We know you guys have been experiencing issues for a while now (a long while) and we appreciate you sticking with us as we figured out our best path forward.

While you’ll have to sit tight with the current bugs in Tournament-V4 for a bit longer, we’re excited to share our plan to bring the Tournament API back to life.


All Tournament API keys and Developer Portal documents will be updated to reflect the new Tournament-V5 endpoints. We will update this post with the new endpoint information once it is available prior to the migration date.

Once back online, Tournament-V5 will use PUUID instead of Summoner ID. Developers should update their apps accordingly. 

A GitHub issue will be created to bring up any outstanding issues after the migration and included in the post-migration communication. 


While we will target the smallest downtime window possible, the tournament API will be unavailable for up to 48 hours beginning October 11, 2023 at 12PM PDT. During this time, the team will migrate the service, test the new endpoints, and troubleshoot any issues.

Once the migration is complete and we have validated the new API is functioning as expected, we will send an announcement on our @RiotGamesDevRel Twitter, X, Twitter account.


Be on the lookout for communications and reminders as we get closer to the migration date. 

Before the migration, there will be a window for you to test the new endpoints on the PBE server. Please continue to check this post and our @RiotGamesDevRel Twitter X account for updates on the timeline.

On October 11, 2023, beginning at 12PM PDT, you should update your platform/site/app to reflect the new Tournament-V5 endpoints, including the shift from Summoner ID to PUUID.


If you have any questions about this change, you can reach out to us via app messaging in the Developer Portal and someone from the Developer Relations team will get back to you. 

Thank you for being a valued member of the 3rd party community!