Straighten your mousepad, stretch your wrists, boot up Aim Lab. It’s a time honored sequence for millions of gamers around the world, us included. Now we’re excited to announce that we are deepening our relationship with Aim Lab and will become a minority shareholder of Statespace, the developer of the platform.

Aim Lab will become an official training and coaching platform of VALORANT esports. They will incorporate various elements from the game with the intent of leveling-up the player experience and creating a more true-to-game experience to help with personal development.  We will work directly with Aim Lab to support development of new tools for VALORANT players, and, eventually, MOBA players as well.

We’ve been working with Aim Lab a ton recently and are excited to keep working together to continue to improve the player experience. We worked on the Aim Lab Combine in VCT Challengers NA where VALORANT players could see how they stacked up against the pros. Aim Lab also added in tasks which gave players the chance to recreate the most intense moments from VALORANT esports. Not to mention, millions of VALORANT players (including the pros) use Aim Lab to warm up before they continue their climb up the ranked ladder. 

Outside of VALORANT, Aim Lab also set up a shooting gallery during Arcane’s Undercity Nights both in Aim Lab’s Creator Studio and in-person using VR headsets. We’re excited to continue this relationship as a minority owner of Statespace and build upon Aim Lab’s great work as the premiere training and coaching platform in esports. 

*On May 19, 2022 at 10:30am Pacific Time this article was edited to clarify the second paragraph