Since we started our D&I journey, we made a promise to keep you updated on our progress. We created this report to share that journey which includes both our accomplishments and the challenges we still need to overcome. There is much work to be done not just at Riot Games, but across the industry. It is our collective responsibility to make our workplaces inclusive and safe not just for a handful of people, but for all of us.  
Honestly, this past year was beyond challenging. The pandemic forced us to think and react differently as well as respond in real time. We had difficult conversations that required us to look inward. While we met every challenge head on--it wasn't always easy or  smooth--but we would be remiss if we lost sight of the progress we have made. 

This is also a moment to remember that D&I is not meant to be a crisis function, but rather a business strategy, and we have to constantly be present and active in bringing it to the forefront of everything we do. While 2020 kept us apart physically, we made progress in key areas to foster diverse perspectives and drive towards greater equity -- all while launching new games for players across the world:

  • We once again increased representation of women and underrepresented minorities (URMs) at Riot. 29% of our executive team are women and 22% are underrepresented minorities, including key leadership hires across several departments. 
  • Over 33,000 viewers tuned in for the first VCT Game Changers tournament, our first all-women VALORANT esports event 
  • Pledged $1 million through our Social Impact Fund to make progress in the areas of justice reform, invest in minority-owned small businesses, create opportunities for underrepresented groups in our industry, and address biases and discrimination in the workforce.
  • Distributed $50K grants to both the ACLU Foundation and The Innocence Project with plans to continue to identify organizations to support financially throughout 2021.
  • Launched the Underrepresented Founders Program (URF) in response to the long history of racial injustice towards the Black community, pledging $10 million towards underrepresented founders and startups in the gaming community. 

And yet, there’s still more work to do:

  • While women in total make up a larger percentage of Rioters this year, we saw a dip in the percentage of new hires.
  • While we saw an increase in the overall percentage of underrepresented minorities, we can be more proactive in this area to drive greater progress 
  • In general, we need to make a concerted effort to push for inclusion across the industry, in and outside of the games.

I believe in Riot Games and what Rioters are doing here to make real change for ourselves, players and the industry as a whole. We will continue to listen, learn and grow because the work is never done. The path we are on is not an easy one, but it is a worthwhile one, which is why I humbly share this report that reflects the work we have done and fulfills the promise we made to be as transparent as possible.


Angela Roseboro, Chief Diversity Officer
Diversity and Inclusion