Peanut butter and jelly, Xayah and Rakan, Discord and games, some things just work well together. Discord was born in May 2015 and since then it’s become a platform where people communicate, meet friends, and come together around games of all genres. To celebrate Discord’s birthday, we created new emotes for moderators, the unsung heroes of the platform. 

With some major communities dedicated specifically to Riot’s games, Discord has become a crucial part of how players experience our games every day. 

"Since the earliest days of gaming, people have searched for places to gather, build real-time connections, and share their passion for video games. Discord has played a major role in providing a place for Riot’s global communities of players and fans to come together and talk about their favorite champs and agents, discuss suggestions for upcoming patches, celebrate their most epic plays, and, of course, solve the ever-present need of LFG,” said Erin Wayne, Global Head of Player Community at Riot Games.

Creating and organizing communities doesn’t just happen, it takes work from moderators who hold events, receive feedback, work with devs, and make their Discord server a place where players want to hang out. 

So we want to thank those moderators and give them unique tokens of our appreciation for the work they’ve put in to create and cultivate community. 

This new pack of emotes spans our characters and games with a focus on creating a new twist on some of the most famous emotes seen across Discord, Twitch, and all gaming communities.


Free Riot Emotes for Discord's Birthday Celebration


Here are the new emotes: 

  • I Heart My Mod
  • Wumporo
  • Celebratory Fist Bump
  • Brimstone KEKW
  • Wingman Vibe
  • Widejoy (R/L)
  • Unbothered Reyna
  • Double Cyphers (R/L)
  • Shocked Zeri
  • Teemo GG
  • Sett Ups
  • Thinking Pengu
  • Pengu PogO
  • Awkward Shorky
  • Keep Going Jhin
  • Lissandra Facepalm
  • Yuubee Happy
  • Yuubee Mad

You can download the whole pack using the link below!

Happy birthday, Discord! Cheers to many more memories, mentions, and midnight games with friends.