League of Legends teams up with Coca-Cola

You know that sweet, sweet feeling you get when you win a match, pull off a pentakill, or level up? Have you ever wondered what that feeling would taste like? Well, we worked with Coca-Cola to take our best shot at encapsulating the thrill of gaming into a brand-new flavor.

Introducing Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar, a new limited-edition beverage from Coca-Cola Creations in collaboration with League of Legends. Enjoy the taste of experience points with this unique flavor of Coke.

Where to find the League x Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar

Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar will be hitting shelves in select markets including North America, China, South Korea, Latin America, and Africa. So be on the lookout for the new flavor in stores near you. 

How to Earn Free In-game Rewards

If the drink isn’t available where you are, you’ll still be able to experience the event in-game with a series of new League of Legends missions to unlock free, limited-edition Ultimate emotes. 

Here are the new missions:

  • Get 7 assists in a single game to earn the Ultimate Teamplay emote

  • Earn 12,000 gold in a single game to earn the Ultimate Gains emote

  • Win a game in under 20 minutes to earn the Ultimate Tempo emote

The first mission is now live in-game and the next missions will be activated as soon as the previous one is completed. The Ultimate emotes will be available to unlock until July 18 at 11:59 p.m. PT so be sure to get after it. 

Experience the Coca-Cola Creations Hub

By scanning the QR code on a Coca-Cola® Ultimate bottle or can players will be transported to the Coca-Cola Creations Hub where they’ll find the Ultimate Emote Generator, an Instagram filter allowing players to view themselves in the style of a League emote. So scour the shelves for the new flavor, hit the rift for some ultimate emotes, and take yourself on a gaming journey through the Coca-Cola Creations Hub!