Beginning this Wednesday, we’ll be conducting a test of our new affiliate product featuring League of Legends Star Guardian content. This month-long test will run in North America, Brazil, Italy, and Germany to select content creators and esports organizations within these regions. Don’t worry, we plan to find more opportunities to allow partners to participate from other regions in the future.

What is the affiliate product?
This feature will enable partners to promote content (in the case of this test, Star Guardian content) on their platforms of choice via a new Collections Page.  



They will share a unique link to their Collections Page where players can shop directly without having to open the game client, and a portion of that purchase will go directly to the partner.



Why is this test limited to certain countries and creators?
While we would like this test to be open to everyone, this product is still in development and smaller tests like this ensure it will be at its highest quality before it’s launched more broadly.

How much do partners receive from a purchase?
Partners will receive 5-10% of the revenue–depending on which Star Guardian skin is purchased– for every sale using their unique link.

How long will this test run?
The test will run from July 14 at 1 PM PT to August 9.

How will I know my purchase is going to the correct affiliate?
Just follow these steps on our Player Support article to ensure your purchase is correctly supporting one of the participating partners.

How do I apply to be a partner or sign up for future programs like this?
We run tests on a case by case basis - working with our regional Riot influencer managers and esports teams. Future tests may be broader and may open up to a greater number of participants.

What are the eligibility requirements to participate in these types of programs?
There are no precise eligibility requirements as the partners for this test come from a variety of different backgrounds. But the one thing all the partners have in common is their passion for these games and creating unique content for their audiences.

Why did these creators and esports teams get selected?
These creators and teams represent a variety of different regions and communities from around the globe which will allow us to properly test this feature across a wide range of audiences. 

When will we see the final list of participants?
All participating partners will be able to share their Collections Page links starting on July 14.

Are partners required to disclose that they’re sharing an affiliate URL? 
Yes, partners who are involved in the test must disclose that they are participating. 

Do I get a discount for using an affiliate URL? 
No, the percentage of the revenue will go directly to the partner supported.

When and how will partners get paid? Is there a minimum compensation threshold that they need to meet to get paid? 
Each partner will need to make at least $20 USD before they will be paid out.