TL;DR: Riot’s taking the week of August 2nd off to disconnect and recharge. Game teams have shifted patch timelines to accommodate the break and a few teams are staggering their breaks to ensure there are no interruptions. 

2020 taught us a lot about how we work. Amid shipping new games, navigating the pandemic, and hiring lots of new Rioters, we had the opportunity to experiment not only with how we deliver experiences to players, but how we take time for rest, inspiration, and all the essential non-work things that give us the energy to create better products. That led to a few evolutions you can read about here. We took our first company-wide mid-year break last year (in addition to our long-standing end-of-year break), and it’s quickly become a tradition. 

Thank all of you for your patience and understanding while we shift gears for a week and take a chunk out of our collective game backlogs. We’ll see you stealing Baron on the Rift(s)... or securing the ace on Breeze... or rolling Dawnbringer Invokers on the Convergence… or flexing Braum-wave in a Gauntlet.