Dear VALORANT community,

Over the past few hours and in the coming days, millions of you will get to experience VALORANT’s full release as we bring servers back online after five days of launch preparation. This is the culmination of years of hard work by people across the company, and it demonstrates our commitment to all of you.

We’re excited to continue the momentum VALORANT has earned so far within the tactical FPS community. You have established a passionate game community already and we know you have been looking forward to playing this week, even in the midst of historic adversity.

It’s been a difficult past few days on top of an already challenging year. The African American community is in immense pain, protests for change are happening all across the US, and this is all taking place on top of the difficulties posed by a global pandemic. The days are tense and draining, and we all feel it.

Amidst everything that’s happening, our dedication to you remains strong. It’s the fabric that binds all of us together, and if we can build on the things that unite us, we can weather any difficulty around us. So, despite the challenges we are facing in the US and across the globe right now, we want you to have the chance to come together and create positive memories in the midst of all that is weighing on us.

We hope VALORANT will be a small bright spot for you during an otherwise dark time.