2017 Worlds Charity Fundraiser


During the League of Legends World’s Tournament in 2017, Riot held an in-game charity fundraiser to support 3 global organizations: BasicNeeds, Learning Equality, and The Raspberry Pi Foundation. 

What they do

BasicNeeds - BasicNeeds helps people with mental illness in the world’s poorest places. By training local health workers, supporting governments to improve their systems and working with local communities people affected by depression, mental illness, epilepsy, and other issues are supported to live independently, participate in their community and earn a living. They are currently operating across 15 countries and serving over 700,000 people globally.

Learning Equality - Learning Equality is committed to enabling every person in the world to realize their right to a quality education, by supporting the creation, adaptation, and distribution of open education resources, and creating supportive tools for innovative pedagogy. Their platform has been installed in over 175 countries and reached an estimated 4.5 million learners.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation - The Raspberry Pi Foundation was founded in 2009 to promote the study of basic computer science in schools and to put the fun back into computing. By selling the low-cost, but highly capable, Raspberry Pi computers, they are able to fund their technology education programs across over 6 continents.

How we're helping

Through our global fundraiser, Riot was able to identify specific programmatic outcomes our players and community could directly support. 

BasicNeeds aims to expand programs into three additional countries with the goal of aiding 250,000 more people over three years.

Learning Equality expanded the development of their offline learning platform, Kolibri, to provide rich digital experiences for underserved students in over 175 countries. 

The Raspberry Pi Foundation will use the funds to support the expansion of over 5,000 “coding dojo’s” for youth across South America, India, China, and East Africa.