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Social Impact

Our Partners

The work we did this year wouldn’t have been possible without teamwork. From our players who bought charity bundles and nominated causes important to them, to Rioters who stepped up to give back to their local communities, to the long list of amazing organizations who are putting in the work every day to make this world a better place, we did this together. 

Every year we plan to keep growing the amount of money we donate, the time we volunteer across causes, and the impact all our initiatives have on those that need it most. We also plan to continue to learn from those around us and strive to make a lasting impact through authentic and resonant connections. Players went above and beyond. As always, they answered the call when we needed their help. But it wouldn’t have the impact it does without all the organizations who are focused on improving the lives of everyone around them. Thank you, sincerely, to each and every one: