Riot Games was established in 2006 by entrepreneurial gamers who believe that player-focused game development can result into genre-defining games. Back in 2009, that vision gave birth to our debut title League of Legends, which achieved critical acclaim among players and became the most played PC game in the world. We are honored to serve over 100 million players worldwide every month.

To support our growth and nurture our relationship with our Spanish and Portuguese players, we are opening an office in Barcelona. To make that launch a reality, however, we need a handful of top-tier leaders to help us lay the groundwork, starting, basically… tomorrow!


That's where you come in.

As a Marketing Manager, you’ll drive acquisition and brand awareness in League of Legends as well as support the Publishing team in their goal to support the communities they serve. To achieve that, you’ll lead a team of Rioters as well as agencies and will constantly work on identifying, planning and executing on those opportunities that will deliver most impact to both potential and new players, as well as build strong processes to tangibly measure success.

Seeing communities grow is your passion and this is what you truly strive for. But fear not, you won’t be alone in this journey. 

As a Rioter in Barcelona you'll join a lean but dedicated team of Rioters committed to striving to be the most player-focused game company in the world. You'll share our prioritization of player experience, challenge convention and bring an intense passion for gaming. You’ll collaborate with teams across the globe with the goal of bringing the best possible experiences to Spanish and Portuguese players.

We are looking for a humble, ambitious and broad-thinking Marketing Manager who can teach us a thing or two. We promise to return the favor.

Just like us, you are passionate about games and take play seriously.

*Note: Candidate must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be fluent in Spanish. Portuguese is also a plus.



A proven leader: You don’t build an empire to delegate tasks, but rather you surround yourself with amazing talent to empower and support to ensure that identified opportunities are tackled appropriately. You bring at least three years of experience in leadership positions where you’ve challenged and inspired others to be their best selves, personally and professionally.

 A digital space savvy: You’re an expert in the craft and bring at least five years of experience at creating digital campaigns as well as driving brand awareness and conversion across multiple channels. Having acquired this experience in the video games industry and/or mobile environments is a bonus. Additionally, you have a strong background in crafting and coordinating high performing digital media plans (paid, owned and earned media) and as good as you are in doing so, you’re even better at measuring it’s tangible impact.

A videogames lover: Your understanding and love for videogames goes beyond playing them, and that has allowed you to have a deep understanding about the needs of each of the communities surrounding different videogame genres which will allow you to distill product positioning to the right audiences.

Resourceful: You’ve got experience using digital analytics to measure campaigns and are comfortable using your wide array of tools to craft advertising campaigns and can get your hands dirty if needed.

A vendor veteran: You’re comfortable working with agencies to drive execution of programs and initiatives. Additionally, dealing with setting up those agencies, building legal contracts and negotiating deals to cover costs for those initiatives shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Strategic and driven by impact: You’re able to build marketing strategies that will guide both you and the local teams to build the right mix between short, mid and long term medium to high impact initiatives.

Adaptable: Your priority is the same as ours, deliver amazing experiences to players, and no matter how we usually work and what tools we use, we’re all prepared to challenge ourselves and strive for change as soon as we believe there’s a better way for the team to be more effective at what we do.



  • Build a lean team of Rioters as well as an agency network to ensure we’re at the best possible conditions to deliver high impact marketing initiatives focusing on acquisition and growth on multiple products
  • Lead your team to work on multiple products with specific Product Leads as well as prioritize what to focus on based on the context of each product.
  • Partner with multiple teams (both regional and global) to create online marketing campaigns to drive player acquisition, early retention and engagement.
  • Absorb global brand strategies and build regional specific tactics that will fit and resonate with local audiences in order to drive key performance indicators.
  • Oversee and study our game performance on market and find opportunities to improve on those who offer most potential for growth.
  • Build tracking methodologies and boards that will help teams to better measure impact and performance on specific delivered initiatives.
  • Study current League of Legends player lifecycle funnel and optimize its performance.
  • Lead and execute high performing digital media initiatives from start to end.


Don't forget to include a resume and cover letter. We receive a lot of applications, but we'll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously.