As Director of Technology - Europe, you’ll be a key member of a cross-functional and cross-disciplinary strategic product leadership team, and a guide for all the engineering and operational disciplines within Europe, based in the Dublin office. Marshaling support from Rioters and publishing partners alike, you’ll assemble and lead a team that’s striving to enhance the player experience, deliver seamless game-play and provide exemplary live services. You’ll drive regional tech strategy and oversee technological architecture at both the infrastructure and application tiers, keeping League of Legends running strong for millions of European players.

You are the Engineering Leader for the region, responsible for multiple teams (25+ engineers, including Software, Infrastructure, Systems, and Networking), and have other Engineering Leads that you’re directly accountable for.  At this scope, alignment and culture become a major focus, in addition to the delivery and performance of your teams. You should have a deep understanding of the product needs and how your team’s technical vision, capabilities, and roadmap align with those needs and being the agent of change required to close any gaps.  


  • Build and grow successful, highly functional teams to design and implement core and regional solutions for European players, while striving to implement this globally
  • Work across a broad range of technological domains, including web applications development, core game operations, Infrastructure, and build strategic roadmaps to align Riot technology with European business and operational goals
  • Lead and manage a diverse, high-powered technical team(s) in the Dublin office and, if needed, develop relationships with regional outsourcing partners to determine and prioritize technological needs
  • Promote a culture of entrepreneurial spirit that shares technology effectively and responsibly with other architects within Riot
  • Define key performance indicators related to tech operations for Riot in Europe


  • Educated and experienced: you've earned a degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or Engineering; you've racked up at least 10 years of leadership experience in software development, live services, Infrastructure or network architecture.
  • A strategic leader: your careful planning and inner desire to produce results make you an effective leader who can balance and prioritize short-term solutions without losing sight of the long-term vision; when making key decisions, you leave no variable unturned, including project scope, scheduling, viability of launches, risks,  and mitigation, and efficient issue escalation.
  • Culturally astute: you’re comfortable forging alliances across cultural and language barriers to shore up support for player-first initiatives; you never stop learning about new cultures and traditions so you can provide players a unique, local experience.
  • Self-starting: you see ambiguity as a challenge and an opportunity; your built-in compass keeps you moving forward even when the seas ahead are foggy. You care about challenge and potential, not titles or the size of your team.
  • A connector and aligner: You are able to see the themes and “big picture” across many teams and you use that knowledge to help make everyone more effective. Ensuring teams are aligned technically, coaching and monitoring for culture on your teams, helping build bridges with other teams and people for maximum efficiency.
  • A leader of leaders: You’re now responsible for other managers and holding them accountable for how they lead. Coordinating efforts across your teams, holding people accountable to the value they deliver, coaching / supporting your leaders, and creating a leadership “team”.
  • An agent of change: You identify and push for solutions to problems facing your teams. Maintain a clear vision of optimal functioning for your teams and continually push towards this vision, asking tough questions of both product and tech to arrive at an optimal solution, and leveraging technical knowledge to inform the product’s roadmap.
  • A discipline leader - As a product lead, you also are a senior leader in Engineering and help inform needs, planning, decisions, and direction of the Engineering Discipline as a whole. You’ll contribute to change management activities, help message and roll out changes, gather and provide feedback on discipline health, and participate in Engineering leadership rituals.


We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.