Riot Games was established in 2006 by entrepreneurial gamers who believe that player-focused game development can result into genre-defining games. Back in 2009, that vision gave birth to our debut title League of Legends, which achieved critical acclaim among players and became the most played PC game in the world. We are honored to serve over 100 million players worldwide every month.

To support our growth and nurture our relationship with German, Austrian, and Swiss players, we’re opening a publishing office in the heart of Berlin in 2017. To make that launch a success we need top-tier leaders to help us lay the groundwork.

That’s where you come in.

As Head of Operations, you’re an integral part of our management team in Berlin and you'll help us build and run the Berlin publishing office from scratch. You’ll cover all areas that allow us to function on a very high level of quality with your bilingual abilities and fluency in facility management, finance, legal, process management, and IT operations. Riot Berlin is going to be the best place to work in town thanks to you, and that will allow us to deliver the best experience to players in the DACH region.

As a Berlin Rioter, you’ll join a dedicated team of specialists committed to becoming the most player-focused game company in the world. You share our prioritization of player experience, rejection of convention, and intense passion for gaming. You’ll report to the Country Manager DACH and work as part of the Berlin leadership team with the Head of Talent, Head of Publishing, Technical Director, and Head of Esports as your peers.

We are looking for a humble, ambitious, and broad-thinking leader who can teach us a thing or two. We promise to return the favor.

You Are

  • Experienced: you have at least 7 years of leadership experience in operations in a comparable industry. Ideally, you’ve worked at a games, internet or entertainment company in Germany. Spreadsheets and process tools are your best friends.
  • Service minded: operations is the art of providing a work environment that makes everything beyond anyone’s core goals seem easy and fluent. You thrive when you see that your results impact the quality and performance of all disciplines.
  • Player focused: you understand how your work impacts the quality of projects we deliver to players because you are a player too. You use that knowledge to develop our talent pool in order to improve the overall experience of all our games and events.
  • Strategic: you know what it means to be a fun workplace that runs efficiently. You target the most relevant strategic avenues to build up and keep all operations running like a well oiled machine.
  • A leader by example: you build, lead, and inspire your suppliers and teams by walking the talk. You’re self-aware, you humbly seek and accept feedback, and you remain open to constructive criticism. You recognize failure and learn from mistakes.
  • A modern thinker: you stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve of office, team, and corporate organization. You follow academic research, and tools and initiatives implemented at other innovative companies, whether in GAS or abroad.
  • Agile and organized: roadblocks, constraints, dogmas, none of these scare you. Your energy is positive and focused on finding solutions to deliver your vision to all players. You show a clear “can-do” attitude and lead by that example.
  • Strong at building relationships: you actively build and cultivate your supply chain and partner networks to help you source specific areas and expertise. You effectively negotiate with vendors, partners, and suppliers with the goal of building long term partnerships.
  • Data-minded: your analytical mindset helps you translate raw data into exciting and meaningful information through reports, budgets, and estimates that support all aspects of strategy
  • A strong bilingual communicator: you have excellent communication and presentation skills in English and German
  • Talent driven: you know how to support Rioters in their career development, you hold frequent development discussions and set stretch goals. Ultimately, you love to see your team members succeed and grow in their careers.
  • Educated: you studied or used agile project and team management (such as SCRUM, XP, etc.), lean processes (such as Kanban), and/or objective driven management (such as OKR).

You Will

  • Build, grow, and run highly efficient operations that revolve around supplier management and outsourcing, which will deliver a fun work environment for all Berlin Rioters and beyond in the areas of finance, accounting, payroll, legal, purchasing, reporting, payment, IT, office management, and fringe benefits.
  • Advise managers on vendor strategy, accounting, and finance implementations while also recommending necessary changes. You’ll work with teams at HQ and other offices to cooperate and share best practices and learnings.
  • Oversee and guide partnerships, purchasing, reporting, payment, and various processes, ensuring compliance with legal requirements
  • Foster our culture: it’s all about achieving the right goals to have a meaningful impact on the market, not a list of tasks to tick off.
  • Create focus within your suppliers and team: guide them in the priority-setting process, eliminate blockers, and facilitate execution
  • Establish clear directions and maintain an open dialogue within your suppliers and team, and with other disciplines in our Berlin office and our global offices
  • Define key performance indicators to set goals for and track the efficiency and performance of our operational efforts, and help your suppliers and team gain and maintain a data-informed perspective on their work
  • Inspire and support the career development of Rioters
  • Provide support to all disciplines, their success is your victory