Riot Games was established in 2006 by entrepreneurial gamers who believe that player-focused game development can result in great games. In 2009, Riot released its debut title League of Legends to critical and player acclaim. As the most played PC game in the world, over 100 million play every month. Players form the foundation of our community and it’s for them that we continue to evolve and improve the League of Legends experience. 

We’re looking for humble but ambitious, razor-sharp professionals who can teach us a thing or two. We promise to return the favor. Like us, you take play seriously; you’re passionate about games. We embrace those who see things differently, aren’t afraid to experiment, and who have a healthy disregard for constraints.

That's where you come in.

As Social Media and Communications Manager, you’ll be a core part of the Publishing team in Dublin, integral to establishing the narrative and driving conversation between European players and Riot Games EU. You’ll level-up, monitor and support all aspects of our communications with players across a range of channels and platforms; helping us to develop a voice and ensuring we’re receptive and understanding when players use theirs. You’ll truly understand “why” we communicate with players, and work with us to develop that strategy all the way down into channels and execution. You’ll ensure we never lose sight of players being at the forefront of everything we do, and through your comms prowess, ensure players know it too.

As a Dublin Rioter, you’ll join a team of internationally and culturally diverse professionals that share our prioritization of player experience, rejection of convention and maniacal passion for gaming. With teams in Player Support, Community, Publishing and Marketing, Riot Games Dublin is dedicated to creating unique player experiences that show European players they aren’t lost in translation. 


  • Narrative Focused: mindful of the story for players in Europe - you will help us shape and champion it, and guide thinking and direction based on it
  • A strategist: you have a deep understanding of the different platforms and channels players use, and a vision for comms in Europe. You’ll help us incorporate this into our wider Publishing strategy
  • A natural communicator: with several years as a communications pro, brand manager, PR, community lead, or similar, you're adept at communicating a lot in a short amount of words; your writing style is unpretentious, unspun, and authentic
  • A player advocate: you're the first to put your hand up when our actions don't match our words; you ensure that our players feel as though they have a voice and that we communicate the right things in the right way
  • A gaming native: although a professional background in gaming is a bonus, most importantly you're a core gamer and consider yourself part of the gaming community
  • Agile and adaptable: you live and breathe your craft, but you love getting involved in other aspects of the player experience as well. You’re not afraid to champion important things for players, even if they fall outside of your discipline, and you help elevate projects and initiatives across Riot by adding your considerable craft expertise
  • An enthusiastic coach: you're unruffled working with would-be communicators from all areas of the company, supporting and leveling up their communications with players
  • A global thinker: the challenges of communicating for an internationally published game are global in scope; your culturally-aware and player-focused answers to them are precisely aimed because of your ability and willingness to study problems from all angles


  • Help the Riot EU Publishing team build and maintain an authentic relationship with players through transparent communications and clever management of our platforms
  • Work with the multi-discipline Publishing team in Dublin to level-up the player experience across Europe
  • Work with initiative teams across Riot EU to help devise comms strategy and bring news to players about upcoming experiences via social and owned channels
  • Help break down strategy, ideas and planning into digestible, player facing themes and messaging
  • Quickly and effectively respond to the shifting needs of our community as they develop. You will be aware of and monitoring the main social platforms our players use and will raise emergent issues with the rest of the team
  • Evaluate our current communications and evaluate areas of opportunity to join the conversation with players, then develop the necessary plans and messaging
  • Oversee editorial for written communications (including articles, AMAs etc) with players
  • Work with freelancers and agencies to meet the demand from players around written content
  • Be the first port of call when time-sensitive communications are needed (player-facing and Riot-facing); be cool-headed, strategic, and able to quickly evaluate and respond to player sentiment
  • Help us keep striving on our promise to players on our aspiration; to become the most player focused game company in the world. 

Don’t forget to include a resume and cover letter. We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously.