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Compensation + Benefits

At Riot, we believe in building a total compensation and benefits program that supports every Rioter’s journey and reflects their shared success in the business. While the program regularly evolves and scales to support big bets, our general approach aims to recognize Rioters who provide expertise, deliver innovations, and drive results by building structures and processes that are consistent and equitable across the entire organization.


As players know, managing your econ is crucial for success and that starts by being able to fully understand how much money / gold / creds you’re bringing in. We already do it for our games and are empowering Rioters with information that allows them to better understand their own role, so they have greater insight into how they can continue to pursue a meaningful career path.

In 2023, we’re taking a global approach to Base Pay Range Visibility that will roll out over the year. Starting on January 1, all job postings in the U.S. will include the base pay salary range for each role. Before the end of the year, all Rioters will have access to their pay range for their current positions to understand their growth opportunities. While the U.S. offices will be the first to have a form of Base Pay Range Visibility, all other offices will have a form of this program that follows legal requirements and cultural customs in their region.

In the simplest terms, total compensation includes your base pay + incentive compensation, which is made up of short-term and long-term bonuses.

  • Base pay is a fixed amount of money (either hourly or salary) that is paid to someone for executing their core job functions. It is focused on recognizing skills and proficiency for the job you do rather than rewarding performance.

  • The incentive compensation focuses on performance:

    • Short-term incentive: Riot’s Annual Performance Bonus is a discretionary incentive program focused on rewarding short-term performance during an annual, 12-month period.

    • Long-term incentive programs: Riot has various additional programs that reward Rioters as we tackle big bets and chase long-term stretch goals for the company.


We’ve got you covered wherever you are. As part of the total rewards, there are key benefits that all Rioters can opt-in to depending on their personal needs. Benefits at Riot cover the following in the U.S.:  

  • Health Care: Medical (including LGBTQIA+ support), dental, and vision plans that cover you as well as your spouse/domestic partner and children. 

  • Family Care: Life insurance, parental leave, women’s reproductive health care, plus short and long-term disability.

  • Retirement: Riot matches retirement contributions so you can continue to play games long after you retire.

Note: While we take a global approach to provide consistent benefits to all Rioters, some regions and countries may differ based on regional and local governance and laws.

Beyond Compensation + Benefits

  • Open Paid Time Off: Rioters are trusted to take the time they need throughout the year.

  • Company-Wide Breaks: In addition to holidays, the entire company takes a 2-week end-of-year break and a 1-week mid-year break to disconnect and recharge. Even patch timelines are shifted to make sure the entire company gets some well-deserved rest.

  • Play Fund: Riot’s annual play fund allows Rioters to broaden their knowledge of the games that matter to players and the community.

  • Wellness Fund: Rioters have the option of receiving a monthly allowance for both themselves and any beneficiaries that can be spent on things like massages and gym memberships. 

  • Donation Matching: Riot matches donations of time and money to nonprofits to double down on support.