• Riot Games

    We aspire to be the most player-focused game company in the world. We were established in 2006 by a couple of entrepreneurial gamers who believe player-focused game development can result in awesome games. In 2009, we released our debut title, League of Legends, to critical and player acclaim. Over 100 million play every month.

    We know players form the foundation of our community and it’s for them that we continue to evolve and improve the League of Legends experience.

  • March 2015

    Riot debuts at #13 on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work for list. This award is based on internal culture stories and surveys of Rioters, so this recognition most importantly means that Rioters believe Riot’s a great place to work. In June 2015, we also place on #21 on Fortune's 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials. For us, a great place to work is somewhere Rioters – passionate, smart, player-focused professionals – will thrive, a place they can take on impactful projects and solve tricky problems all to create value for players.

  • December 2014

    Merch where?! Merch here. Like a majestic manatee strapped to the hood of a mega-rocket, we launched the public beta of Riot Games Merch - a one-stop (digital) shop for League art, clothing, and collectibles. Oh yeah, also demon bears; we can't forget that one. The wrinkles that sometimes crop up with beta launches are still being ironed out, but we’re stoked to finally give players a physical piece of the League universe for their homes, offices, yurts, and submarines (there’s a Nautilus joke here, but we’ll spare you). 

  • October 2014

    Korean powerhouse Samsung White held the Summoner’s Cup high after claiming victory over Royal Club in the Season 4 World Championships held at Seoul’s Sangam Stadium. Across all international stages of the competition, we saw 288 million cumulative daily unique impressions totaling up to over 179 million hours of esports viewed across the world. That’s a whole lotta pizza delivered.

  • January 2014

    As of January 2014, over 67 million players slug it out in League every month, and more than 7.5 million people play during peak hours. This, of course, makes for a pretty bummed out Baron Nashor (to be fair, he kinda deserves it). 

  • December 2013

    We hit the launch button on the Riot Games API Beta, and we’re ready for you to start tinkering with it. We’re psyched to share the API that the community's been craving, and we’re even more excited to see what kind of kickass tools and apps they’ll build.

  • July 2013

    In their last physical issue, the editors of Game Developer Magazine included Riot in their "Top 30 Game Developers of All Time" listicle. As a young company still earning our stripes, we don't feel totally worthy of a list that includes developers of games we grew up playing. We still kinda feel like we're standing on the shoulders of giants. Or yetis. 

  • July 2013

    Rioter feedback places Riot Games in the #4 spot among Glassdoor.com’s “25 Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2013.” 

  • March 2013

    League of Legends hit a new milestone, now regularly exceeding five million peak concurrent players globally. That’s a few more than we reported back in October. We're humbled by the support of players and now more than ever feel the weight of those expectations. Good luck, have fun, and please have mercy on our servers. 

  • January 2013

    Edge Magazine’s released their 2013 Edge Developer Awards, and Riot Games features in the top ten countdown. The list is made up of “the best development studios on the planet today,” based on companies that are “creating enthralling experiences with finite development resources,” and “understand and engage with their audiences, and have the vision to know where games are going next.” Riot was called out specifically for promoting “balanced design, constant updates and community involvement.”


  • December 2012

    The flurry of end-of-year listicles has begun. Usually, journalists put companies on such lists thanks to what they have done, but in this case, Riot's co-founders "deserve recognition for what they haven't done," according to GamesIndustry International. What haven't we done, and why's that listicle-worthy? 

  • December 2012

    Welcome to the new riotgames.com. This site will give you a peak behind the scenes, show you what we’re up to, and tell the Riot tales. 

  • October 2012

    Rioters are gamers. We love games. As we strive to create the best player experiences, it’s important that we understand play beyond the Fields of Justice. This means that we play games – and not just our own. The new Riot Play Fund encourages plentiful play by giving each Rioter $300 to spend freely on any video game, whether MOBA, FPS, console or PC. We're equal opportunity players here.

  • October 2012

    League of Legends has in the last year tripled in size to 32 million monthly active – and we do mean active – players, making it the most played game in the Orion Spur of the Milky Way galaxy, by total hours played per month. That's good news for us and bad news for Teemo! Recent stats show that player-on-yordle violence has increased dramatically over the past year.

  • October 2012

    The popular Tribunal system brings League of Legends players who step out of line before a jury of their peers. With the October launch of Honor, we're bringing some carrot. Honor provides players a way to give each other virtual fist-bumps for excellent sportsmanship and teamwork. Badges for collaborative play? Sign us up.

  • October 2012

    Taiwanese underdogs Taipei Assassins slay the field and capture the title of League of Legends Season 2 World Champions. Over 8 million viewers tune in to watch TPA win the tournament's cash prize of $1,000,000. How'd they do it?

  • July 2012

    How do you get a new member of the team up to speed? Some companies call it onboarding or orientation. We introduce our new team members to Riot via a multi-week immersion program that starts on day one with a playtest.

    We call it Denewbification.

  • May 2012

    Last year, we all took a cruise to Mexico. This year, we gather for the annual offsite in Las Vegas as "Mundo Healthcare" for a weekend of fun, games and some serious stuff, too. But there was one thing that happened in Vegas that won't stay in Vegas, and that's the Champions Cup. Engraved with the names of Rioters who do great deeds, the trophy travels to wherever there's an act of meritorious riotousness to commemorate.

  • October 2011

    Growing steadily since launch, League of Legends now hosts nearly 12 million players every month, 4 million of whom play daily. Teemo – that infamous Yordle players just wanna hug to death – dies 1,389 times a minute.

  • June 2011

    Over 200,000 viewers FnaticMSI triumph 2-1 over formidable French foes to become the first-ever world champions for League of Legends. Team MVP Shushei claims he's gonna buy a guitar and drum set with his winnings.

  • February 2011

    Riot says “Ni hao” to a new partnership with Tencent. Soon, players throughout China will be saying the same thing to League of Legends, thanks to Tencent's operating muscle. 

  • October 2010

    League of Legends wins five GDC Online awards: Best Online Game Design, Best Visual Arts, Best Online Technology, Best New Online Game, and the Audience Award. Riot's crew has to check luggage on the way home from Austin.

  • October 2009

    League of Legends officially launches in North America and Europe. Tens of thousands of players dig it.

  • September 2006

    Two life-long hardcore online gamers, Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, ditch life in the corporate world to start Riot Games. 

The Riot Manifesto

Player Experience First

We obsess over every part of the experience, from a player’s first game to their thousandth win, from installation to support to esports broadcasts. It all matters.

We listen to what players say and do. We analyze. Then we make data-informed decisions to improve the experience. 

Challenge Convention

Impossible’s our favorite kind of possible.

Doing the right thing often requires disregarding the rules and upending the status quo.

Focus on Talent and Team

We attract, develop, and cultivate entrepreneurial teams who prefer action over process and bureaucracy.

We’re a sports team, not a family.

As a meritocracy, we value results delivered.

Take Play Seriously

It’s never just a game.

We play lots of games and proudly call ourselves gamers. Even at work, we make time for daily play and fun.

We’re professionals, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

We strive to be humbitious – ambitious and humble.

Complacency kills innovation, but ambition kills complacency.

We humbly seek and accept feedback.

We credit the larger team: the families, teammates and players who make it all possible.

And we believe there’s always more we can do for players.