For the second year in a row, the teams that bring you the Riot Games API have delivered a little bit of fun for April Fools day. This year we put together an experience for the developers in the Riot Games ecosystem. It was our homage to old-school gaming in the form of a MUD/Escape Room. We challenged the developer community to solve a series of riddles we designed and escape the room.


Hundreds tried to solve the riddles and escape the room. We would like to acknowledge everyone that succeeded in doing so.



Rithms (NA) - First Overall
Azoy (NA)
WxWatch (NA)
Etirps (NA)
the gozaq (NA)
IntWithDecimals (EUW)
Boxwood (NA)
Onelann (OC)
Dr Rick Report (NA)
Derpthemeus (NA)
Lord Imrhial (NA)
Chasing Reality (EUW)
PixelGGamer (EUN)
CTreb (NA)
Olysia (NA)
Amity Affliction (EUW)
JLink (NA)
xxCode (NA)

tinTín (NA)
Öbelisk (NA)
Jayrobs (NA)
Thalzen (EUW)
Birckin (EUW)
Charmander uwu (LA)
Vrahn (NA)
Katsuragi Misato (EUW)
realmoss (EUW)
HeuRea (EUW)
fpython (NA)
Pupix (EUW)
Token7 (NA)
Celece (NA)
Aeide (NA)
çry (NA)
Tactical Monkey (EUW)
DarkKnightKD (NA)

This April Fools event in particular required a decent amount of time investment, so as a result we’ll be granting a hextech chest and key to anyone who participated in the Escape Room. If you happened to escape, you’ll be receiving two chests, and if you escaped within the first 24 hours you’ll be receiving three chests.


For those of you that missed the challenge or did not solve it here are the prompts for each part of the challenge, and answers for them.

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Items (Clues) from the MUD

A can of vegetable juice

You pick up the can and read the label. It looks like a tomato-based drink with eight different vegetables. The name of the drink references its eight ingredients. To you, it's only a cold reminder of how the three vegetable variety was pulled from the market. RIP V3. A rush of emotion overcomes you as you think back to the versions upon versions you've seen in your time. For some reason, you recall when a certain company decided to make a pivot based on customer safety. Which version was that again? Tip: You can always check Tuxedo's match history for a clue. How many v+times has he played Quinn in Season 2019?​

A padlock and a ring of three keys

Silver, shiny, and new. This weighty padlock reflects light from the desk lamp back into your eyes, temporarily blinding you. Once you shake off the dozen stars in your eyes, you see it for what it really is: protection. When you flip the lock over, you notice an inscription on the back: "How will they remember you once you've been forgotten?" An introspective question. Perhaps it's a clue. Perhaps it will tell you which key will unlock it. The three keys are numbered 1-3. Once upon a time a company told us what number we'd be when we are forgotten. Check the announcement. Which key should be used (1-3)?​

A HAM radio

You see a radio lying on the ground, you pick it up and look at it. On the bottom of it there is a piece of tape with the number 18. You quickly tune the radio to channel 18. Suddenly you hear a garbled voice coming over the radio. The person seems like a complete hack, repeating the same message over and over but the last bit is too garbled to make out. "November is a great time to **********, be sure to check the elements in the results of the event." Seems like good advice, you should make sure to look between the lines.​

A thumbdrive

This 500MB memory card seems ordinary on the outside, aside from a quickly scrawled line of text, "riotgamesapifeb7". You plug the card into a reader nearby. Files on the card include a dozen or so .rofl files and one .txt file. The text file is named "FollowersKnow". Being the curious mind that you are, you open the text file only to see that it contains one, single line: "The new ********* is on the ***." Help us find the missing words.​

A laptop

Sitting on a desk in the corner of the room, you notice an opened laptop. It is powered on, and running Windows Vista. There is only one application currently running on the system: LeagueClient.exe. It seems like another Explorer before you has been poking around. You find a number of "hidden" resources that look like they would provide useful information. There's likely a list online that documents which of these resources can be used. What we need to know is which API is listed 4th in this documentation? Include all characters.​

A handheld camcorder

Plugged into the old laptop on the desk, is a small 2000s era handheld video recorder. Curiosity gets the best of you and you flip the power switch. The inner workings of the device whirl to life, and you flip open the viewfinder. On the tiny screen you see two men fighting like Cats and Dogs. When you look closer you realize that the men are RiotGitGene (the dog) and StillRampant (the cat). The recording ends before the fight does. We need to know who won! Who came out on top?​

The Answer

v4 1 travel.jpg Replay API PBE lol-champ-select Riot Git Gene


For those that completed the escape room early, there was a series of easter eggs to find. Finding these eggs would trigger a fun congratulations ASCII image. Those who found them first were recognized on the global board. While the community found most of the easter eggs, some went undiscovered.

Found Easter Eggs

All your base are belong to us
black sheep wall
blue shell
DM's closed, Fireteam open
Heart of Gold
Hello, world!
Helmet Bro
I find your lack of faith disturbing
I Took an Arrow in the Knee
It's a trap!
Leeroy Jenkins
Mozambique here
Riot Adobo
Riot FeelsU
Riot Git Gene
Riot PhillyBrew
Riot Telrik
Riot Tuxedo
Stay awhile and listen
The spice must flow
There is no cow level
Would you kindly
Zug zug

Undiscovered Easter Eggs:

Ace of Spades
Corgi Corki
Look at my horse, my horse is amazing
Plans within plans
Pretty Kitty Rengar
Someone set us up the bomb
The spice must flow
These are not the droids you're looking for


Special shoutouts to Etirps (9) and WxWatch (7) for finding the most Easter Eggs!


We had an amazing time designing and running this April Fools event and hope everyone enjoyed taking part. If you had interesting interactions with the system or have more questions please tweet at RiotGamesAPI. We would love to see them and talk to you.


See you next year???