Hi everyone! We have some exciting news. We’ve spent the last couple weeks looking over your developer challenge submissions, met with the Legends of Runeterra team to get their thoughts, and we have a winner: 

Congratulations to the team responsible for “Runeterra’s Challenge”! Everyone felt this app offers high value in unlocking new and novel experiences for players, and we’re looking forward to seeing more things in this vein. Beyond the wackiness of LoR’s version of Ultimate Bravery, this app signaled a way for players to create play experiences for the community - something deeply nostalgic to those of us who play paper CCGs, and we’re excited to see that come to digital too!


That’s not to say they didn’t have stiff competition, and we want to specifically acknowledge a few more projects as honorable mentions for frankly inspiring us with creativity and craft:


Replayterra impressed us by doing a lot with a little, taking a set of APIs that were built for a specific purpose, and somehow managing to recreate nearly complete, animated LoR replays.


Sounds of Runeterra was an amazing accessibility mod that resonated strongly with the LoR team as a project aligned with our values. 


Cards of Runeterra won a special place in our hearts if only for the meme potential of making truly custom cards. 


Each of these archetypes is ripe with possibility for continued development, and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2020.