Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't live in any of the cities with a Riot office. Is there an opportunity to work remotely?

    It's highly unlikely that we'll be able to consider you for a role that isn't based out of one of the locations where we currently do business. If you're open to relocating, please make sure to indicate that in your application.​

  • Can I apply for multiple jobs?

    We want applicants to think deeply about their skills and interest—and how they line up with the jobs available at Riot. It's not a good sign if you find yourself applying to as many open positions as possible.

  • Do I need to submit a cover letter?

    Cover letters are a good way to explain who you are, why you want to work at Riot in your specific role, and showcase your personality while you're at it.

  • I'm a recent graduate with zero work experience—should I apply?

    Each job description lists the relevant experience required.

  • Do I need to be referred to work at Riot?

    Referrals can help, but a candidate's capabilities ultimately determine whether we move forward with interviews or not.

  • How long is the interview process?

    1. Submit application - We’ll try to follow up within four weeks if we’re moving forward.
    2. Recruiter Call - Before formal interviews, you’ll have a quick chat with a Recruiter about your background and interests. 
    3. Phone interviews - If the Recruiter finds a fitting role, you’ll likely go through one or two phone interviews, one focused on your applicable skills and another focused on situations you’ve encountered at work.
    4. Skill Test - In certain cases, you'll be asked to showcase your expertise in your craft area.
    5. In-Person Interview - We’ll arrange for you to visit your local Riot office, where you’ll have a series of interviews.

    It's intense but ideally the process is meant to discover whether the fit's good for both us and for you.

  • I want to change something on my submitted application, what do I do?

    Before hitting SEND, please ensure all info is accurate and up-to-date (including your resume and cover letter) as you will be unable to modify your application after submission.

  • How old do I have to be to work at Riot?

    We only consider applicants over the age of 18.

  • What should I wear for my video or onsite interview?

    We're a casual environment. We believe in you being you (and that applies to your wardrobe).

  • Do I need to be a gamer? Do I need to be ranked in League?

    To make the best games for players, it's important that we're gamers ourselves. If you have a rank in League make sure to provide that information, as it can be relevant for some positions.

  • I interviewed/applied last year and wasn’t selected. Can I reapply?

    Needs change, and people grow. If you've leveled up since your last application, feel free to apply to the appropriate role.​

  • I want to work at one of Riot's global offices but I’m not a citizen of that country. Is that possible?

    Working globally depends on the immigration restrictions of the relevant country/region. If you apply to a role in a global office, those recruiting teams will respond if they see a match.