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Social Impact

Racial Equity

We stand in solidarity with the communities of color who have long been victims of rampant racism, bigotry, and systemic inequality. These realities have been constants, taking the form of both horrific violence and social injustice. These systemic issues we are facing are not new ones, and the unjust murder of George Floyd was a sad reminder of the disease that is racism which lives on in this country. Since the creation of Riot Games’ Social Impact Fund in 2019, we have doubled down on our efforts to combat racism and injustice. 

As outlined in our commitment to social justice back in 2020, we pledged $1,000,000 through the Social Impact Fund to make progress in the areas of justice reform, invest in minority-owned small businesses, create opportunities for underrepresented groups in our industry, and address biases and discrimination in the workforce. Working with Riot Noir, our employee resource group for Black employees, we distributed our initial grants of $50K each to the ACLU Foundation and The Innocence Project. In partnership with the D&I team, we have and will continue to work with internal and external partners to identify and support high-impact organizations fighting against systemic racism and inequity.

In 2021, we supported Gameheads and ColorStack, two nonprofits focused on increasing the number of Black and Latinx game developers, and celebrated our three year long partnership with Reboot Representation to help close the gap for Black, Latina, and Native American women in tech. These organizations all share our goal of opening career pathways into video games and tech for underrepresented groups, equipping young people of color with the tech and life skills they need to succeed and breaking down barriers that prevent them from getting their computer science degrees. 

In 2022, we announced our $2,000,000+ commitment to SoLa Impact’s I CAN Foundation to fund the buildout and operation of the SoLa Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (“Tech Center”) at SoLa Impact’s Beehive campus. The goal of the Tech Center is to inspire, train, and develop the next generation of Black and brown technology professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders from historically overlooked communities of South Los Angeles. Every year, more than 1,000 students will be exposed to programming and career exploration opportunities in video game design, esports, animation, graphic design, coding, and digital content creation while also receiving entrepreneurship training and life skills – all free of charge. 

We stand with the BIPOC community and pledge to do our part to uplift and empower communities of color by breaking down systemic barriers and closing gaps both internally and externally.