With our upcoming charity fundraiser League of Legends skin, Elderwood Ornn, we thought it would be a good time to highlight and reflect some of the amazing impact and support from the League community during such an unusual year. As with our previous charity fundraisers, every purchase of the promotional products from Dec 10, 2020 to Jan 11, 2021 (PST). All proceeds will go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund with ImpactAssets, which we use to support highly impactful organizations around the world... And wow did we get a lot of use out of that this year!

In just 2020 alone, the League community has:

  • Raised $6M (USD) as part of the Dawnbringer Karma fundraiser, with over 7 million players voting on their choice of local charities to support 45 great nonprofits across 15 countries.
  • Donated from 68 different countries (including a single donor from Bahrain!) $650,000 (USD) to support global COVID relief efforts as part of the Mid-Season Streamathon
  • Helped to raise over $2M (USD) as part of our COVID-19 charity in-game fundraiser over the summer. 

All of the funds raised from our COVID-19 charity fundraiser directly support pandemic relief by giving doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers the resources they need to act quickly and protect the most vulnerable. Money raised will also provide critical financial aid to families and individuals who’ve been negatively impacted by the virus. Through our global partners, together we’ve supported over 500 organizations and projects receiving COVID relief. 

We’ve also been able to leverage the Social Impact Fund to directly support gaming communities through PC cafe sanitization and grant funding throughout Asia, as well as supporting many game industry nonprofits and events throughout 2020.

As we wind down the year and prepare to rest and recuperate, it’s remarkable to look back and see how the League community has gone out of their way again and again to help complete strangers in times of need. From everyone at Riot, to our nonprofit partners, to those who are directly impacted through your support, thank you.