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Onboarding Process


Onboarding let's go

Relocation is a nuanced conversation, and we understand each situation is different. Your recruiter is armed with all of the latest information and can explain your options.

Working Remotely

Due to COVID-19, anyone who can work remotely is doing just that. Rioters stay connected with their teams via slack, google hangouts, email, and a million other methods depending on the situation. We understand Rioters have other obligations as well and are happy to assist in any way we can.

New Hire Orientation aka Denewbification

Our Denewb program has found a way to bring the full experience to your home! This means you’ll learn about Riot’s history, values, and goals virtually. (There’s also a neat Snapcam filter that lets you still have your Teemo hat!)



Work Equipment

If you’re starting remotely, our IT team will make sure you have everything you need to get up and running on day one! They’ve optimized how we ship hardware and supply tools and software to make working from home as easy as possible. 

IT Assistance and Support

Our IT team and managers have been prepped to assist with issues big and small. Working from home presents its own set of challenges, and we’re working diligently to ensure technical issues are examined and handled accordingly.

Working Arrangements

Everyone has different needs during this situation and your manager will work directly with you to set up a plan to accommodate your working style. We recognize that parents are doing double duty as educators, that folks are taking care of family members, and that life is generally upended for just about everyone. Your manager will be understanding and have all the necessary information, training and support available to them to help you throughout the safer at home order.

Staying Connected

Social Time

From a Riot-wide optional game time to virtual team hangouts, Rioters are dedicated to staying connected while working from home. Whether you’re playing with your fellow Rioters or your family, hopping into a game is a good break from the stresses of your day. BRB, gotta finish this game of TFT! Talk with your team openly about what they’re doing to stay sane and they’ll be happy to provide suggestions.

Staying Updated

Riot’s Business Continuity team puts Rioters’ safety at the forefront of every decision. They’re working to keep everyone informed about Riot’s approach during COVID-19 with frequent updates on the COVID-19 situation from C-level leadership. Transparency is the best policy, and we want you to have all the necessary tools to adapt.


Interview Process

Interview Process