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Los Angeles, USA

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We’ve called Los Angeles home since our founding in 2006 but as the company grew so did its needs. While our original office space was intimate and full of “character,” we’ve since relocated to a campus in West LA with a bit more room for work (and play). Throughout this growth process, we’ve striven to ensure that even if we leave scrappy buildings behind, we don’t accidentally leave our passions and visions behind.

Now, Riot LAX serves as the home base for Riot Games. Every single Rioter, no matter where they work, comes and spends time on campus during Denewbification to make sure our passions and ideals resonate around the globe. Our LCS studio, where teams like TSM and Team Liquid deepen their rivalries, is also here—right across the street. 

Los Angeles is a city that celebrates art, technology, and dream-chasing, and offers a vibrant, diverse space in which to live and explore. We’re happy to call this city home.

Los Angeles Open Positions

  • Open Positions: 369