TL;DR We're making some changes to the league-v4 API. We're deprecating three methods, adding two methods, and making some small quality of life improvements.​

Back in March, Riot SapMagic announced that we'll be rolling back the positional ranking changes to leagues. As a result, we'll be making some changes to the league-v4 API to better reflect the resulting state of the leagues service.

  1. As of today, three methods related to positional ranking have been deprecated and will be removed in 60 days on Monday, June 17th per our deprecation policy.

  2. We're adding two new methods that should be used going forward.

  3. We're making some small quality of life improvements.

Deprecated Methods

All three deprecated methods will stick around and behave normally until June 17th despite the fact that two of these methods currently don't return any data. We've included a header for these deprecated methods, X-Riot-Deprecated, which will return a unix timestamp for the date you should expect this method to no longer exist.

LeagueEntryDTO Response Object

The two new methods have a different response object than the previous methods; LeagueEntryDTO. LeagueEntryDTO is almost exactly the same as its predecessor LeaguePositionDTO except for the following:

  1. The leagueName field, which is no longer shown in the client, is not included in the response.
  2. The position field, a remnant of positional ranking, is not included in the response.

Note: leagueId is not included in the response for the GET_getLeagueEntries method used to paginate through the ranked ladder, however we're looking into including this field.
UPDATE: As of May 29th, the leagueId is included in the response for the GET_getLeagueEntries method.

getLeagueEntries Method


We've changed how pagination works in the new getLeaguesEntries method. The page is now an optional query parameter that defaults to the first page if no value is specified. Unlike this method's predecessor, getPositionalLeagueEntries, the first page has been changed to 1, so by default page is set to 1 and not 0.

Questions? Issues?

As always, if there are any questions feel free to reach out during office hours which we hold every other Friday on our Discord. If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to open an issue on GitHub. I'll be keeping an eye out and responding as quickly as possible to issues related to these changes.

Riot Tuxedo