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Episode 2

Concept Art


Episode 2: Concept Art

A common misconception about concept art is that it’s all about drawing amazing pictures. While drawing is important, it’s really just one tool concept artists use to communicate ideas. Ideation—particularly rapid ideation—is the true heart of a concept artist’s job. They're, first and foremost, problem solvers coming up with visual solutions for development goals and challenges.

Check out this video to learn a bit about a concept artist's role on a game team, from establishing constraints and preparing to design a concept, to narrowing in on an idea and rallying the team around it.

Episode 3: Character Art

Additional Resources

If you’re excited to learn more about concept art, here are a few additional resources the concept artists you watched like.



Figure Drawing: Design and Invention by Michael Hampton



Free tool to easily create a moodboard.

Rob Brown’s Youtube channel! He posts tips and process videos for concepting. He also has a Discord for teaching concept art.



Gurney Journey by James Gurney. He also has some lists of recommended books.