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Art Education Video Series

The Videos

Episode 1

Intro to Game Art

Learn about the function art serves in a game, the role of an artist on a game team, and some of the foundational tools leveraged across the entire art pipeline.

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Episode 2

Concept Art

In this episode we debunk a common misconception about the role of a concept artist in games and hear from a few concept artists about their role and how they work on the team.

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Episode 3

Character Art

The character artists give us a high level breakdown of their robust workflow—from key creative considerations to various technical aspects of the modeling and texturing processes.

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Episode 4

Environment Art

Learn about what a game environment is, how it impacts the overall game experience, and how environment artists bring digital worlds to life.

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Episode 5

Technical Art

In this episode we attempt to capture some of the core ways tech artists help streamline how art is made and implemented in a game.

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Episode 6

Character Animation

A few animators walk us through the goals for game animation and break down some of the techniques used to achieve them.

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Episode 7

Visual Effects

Learn about the complex world of visual effects in games and hear from a few VFX artists about some of the techniques they use to strike a balance between gameplay and satisfaction.

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Episode 8

Sound Design

Some sound designers walk us through the role sound plays in a game, give us key terms for thinking and talking about sound, and discuss a few tools they use to craft and manipulate sounds.

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Episode 9

User Interface Design

An often overlooked part of art, a game's user interface is a critical part of making a game playable. In this episode the visual designers and motion graphics artists break down the thought and planning that goes into designing UI elements.

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Episode 10

Game Design

To cap off the series, the game designers help us understand how to think about games like developers.

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