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Episode 5

Technical Art


Episode 5: Technical Art

By this point it’s probably becoming clear what huge variety there is in workflow, process, and problem spaces across the art pipeline. Different kinds of artists use different software and tools. Even artists in the same subdiscipline sometimes use different tools for the same thing. Haha. It’s fine—this is fine. And tech artists help everyone, regardless of their tools!

There are many different specializations within tech art, but at its core, it's about streamlining art creation and implementation. Whether on the tools side of things—building pipelines and custom tooling, or the game content side—rigging characters, or creating shaders, tech art requires keen problem solving skills. Check out this video to learn about some of the common specializations for tech art and why they’re so critical to any development team.

Episode 6: Character Animation

Additional Resources

Programming & Tooling Resources:

Ebooks and Articles:

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Game Content & Rigging Resources:

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Animation Books:

The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams

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If you want to start exploring rigging, you can check out these Maya scenes with various League props! We threw a Maya controls sheet in there, but things might still seem crazy. Don't give upthere are a ton of Maya guides and tutorials online!