Rush to that big red button, it’s time for an emergency meeting! Arcane is coming to Among Us, and that means some of your favorite characters from the show are joining the crew of an absolutely normal, perfectly functioning, certainly not-suspicious, spaceship. 

Style your Among Us spacesuit with cosmetics featuring Jayce, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, and more starting today. Even Heimerdinger’s pet Poro—whose name is Porofessor, in case you were wondering—will be making an appearance. 

Here are all the cosmetics you can find in Among Us’ new Arcane Cosmicube: 

  • Heimerdinger's Hair
  • Heimerdinger's Moustache
  • Heimerdinger's Suit
  • Heimerdinger's Poro
  • Enforcer Helmet
  • Enforcer Armor
  • Caitlyn's Cap
  • Caitlyn's Uniform
  • Vi's Hair
  • Vi's Clothes
  • Jinx's Hair
  • Jinx's Goggles
  • Jinx's Clothes
  • Jayce's Hair
  • Jayce's Council Suit
  • Chomper
  • Claggor's Goggles

So what even is a Cosmicube? Think of it like a battle pass where players can progress through the cube and unlock cosmetics along the way. The Arcane Cosmicube will be the first of its kind as Among Us rolls out this brand new feature.  

We’re incredibly honored that we were chosen as Among Us’ first collaboration with another game developer, and we can’t wait to see the League champions venting their way around the map!