Hey, who gave the Planeswalkers access to Hextech? That’s going to be a lot of mana…

That’s right, you read correctly, the next Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair drop will be all about Arcane. Two new drops arrive on November 29. MTG Secret Lair x Arcane features a variety of characters and moments from the show while MTG Secret Lair x Arcane: Lands showcases new environments from Piltover and the undercity. 

The limited-time drops will be on sale until December 23 in both foil and non-foil versions.

Over the last three decades, Magic: The Gathering has created an expansive multiverse spanning a wide variety of incredible worlds. Arcane joining Magic's storied history is an exciting moment for us, and we can't wait to see Piltover, Zaun and the rest of the Arcane universe join the collection.