We’re excited to announce that Riot is working with Take This, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing support for mental health in gaming. Conversations around mental health are only becoming more prominent and there is still plenty of work to be done to remove stigmas and create better environments for mental health across a wide range of gaming communities. 

Take This and Riot share a common vision of creating a safe and inclusive environment where all players can feel mentally and physically supported. Riot will provide funding and resources to Take This so we can work to alleviate the mental health crisis in two ways. 

First, Take This  is creating a mental health curriculum tailored for the gaming community. This free curriculum will address how streamers can handle the mental health needs of communities and ensure their own wellbeing at the same time. Topics covered will include: content creator burnout (which is currently live), boundaries, addressing suicidal ideation in your community, intersectionality as a streamer, being a good mental health advocate, and self-care. Streaming and content creation is a stressful career and this curriculum is customized to the specific needs and experiences of streamers with a focus on practical, relevant advice.

The second way we are working together is on a video series of panel discussions about mental health by and for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities. Each panel will be led by a mental health clinician who will be joined by gamers, game makers, and creators who share the same identity. The series will dive into the mental health needs of marginalized people in games and their experiences navigating healthcare systems. The videos will be available to all on TakeThis’ YouTube page.



Our partnership with Take This will continue to evolve over time as the needs of players, streamers, and content creators change. We’re excited to join forces with Take This to learn and benefit from one another’s community as we pursue our shared goal of improving online spaces and providing mental health support to those who need it most.