That’s a wrap! With the launch of Arcane’s epic finale on Netflix and our Undercity Nights celebration over the weekend, the RiotX Arcane event officially draws to a close. We’ve been so humbled by your enthusiasm and creativity over the last month. Thank you to everyone who has watched and supported Arcane. 

If you missed any of this weekend's festivities or announcements, here’s what went down: 

Riot Gauntlet 

The Riot Gauntlet gave creators the opportunity to stick it to our balance teams for charity. Eight global teams competed for bragging rights and their share of a $100,000 donation pool. 

Arcane Finale Conversation with Cast and Creators

Arcane was the result of years of dedicated work from animators, writers, artists, a talented cast, and many many more passionate creators. We held a Q&A with the people who made Arcane a reality to talk about their favorite moments, funny interactions, and how Arcane came together.

Spoiler Warning, if you haven’t seen all nine episodes of Arcane yet, there will be spoilers in this video. So check out the rest of the series on Netflix and bookmark this one for later.

Notes from the Undercity

Pusha T, Bones UK, Mako, Miyavi, and PVRIS hit the stage for Notes from the Undercity, a live musical performance featuring original songs from the Arcane soundtrack.

Hypixel Studios Brings Hytale to Life

In 2020, the brilliant folks over at Hypixel Studios joined the Riot family. We’ve been huge fans of Hytale since the first trailer released and they dropped by to give an update on their community-powered block game that combines the scope of a creative sandbox with the depth of a roleplaying game.

The Latest with Project L

We first gave you a glimpse into our upcoming fighting game during League of Legends’ ten year anniversary in 2019. While the game is still far from release, the team has been hard at work iterating to create the best possible game for the passionate FGC. Here are Tom and Tony Cannon, the brothers who are leading the way with Project L, showing how Ekko’s hoverboard and Z-Drive will make him a tenacious part of a tag-team in Project L:

For more from the Cannons and Project L, please check out this blog post.

Arcane Season Two Confirmation

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been blown away by your passion and support for Arcane. With Arcane now wrapped up, we’ve heard you all loud and clear: You want more Arcane. So do we. 

We’re excited to confirm that a second season of Arcane is already in production, will continue to be made by us, and will NOT take another six years. We’ll have more information for you at a later date.

If you’re still looking for more, in-game Arcane celebrations haven’t wrapped just yet so make sure to experience the events and collect your rewards while you still can. League players will see a few more stories appearing in the Council Archives, and the World of RiotX Arcane remains open until December 15. 

We set out to create a moment across Riot’s ecosystem where we could all come together to celebrate a shared love for this world. Thank you for making this an unforgettable moment. We’ve never been more excited about the future.