Throughout the month of May, we celebrated Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. We did so by acknowledging and celebrating the contributions, culture, and history of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders. These groups have shaped US history and had their lives—and their unique histories—dramatically influenced throughout. We used this month as an opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to their contributions.

How We Celebrated

A group of AAPI Rioters—alongside our “Filipinos At Riot” Employee Resource Group—planned and held talks, events, and more for Rioters to participate in throughout the month. Here are a few things the team organized:

Cultivating Connections for Asian & AAPI Communities and Allies

In the face of increasing anti-Asian hate and violence, it’s more important than ever to acknowledge and celebrate our diversity. We invited Dr. Helen Hsu, PsyD, a staff psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University and liaison to Stanford’s Asian American Activities Center, to guide us through AAPI history, teach us resources, and share how we can remain resilient and connected in the face of hatred and bigotry.

Allyship for Asian and AAPI Communities

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian and Pacific Islander communities across the globe have suffered a spike in hate crimes and violence and reports of racist attacks—both physical and verbal—aimed at individuals and businesses continue to rise.

We’re giving Rioters the tools they need to support the Asian and Pacific Islander communities by giving them the education and tools they need: From defining racism, xenophobia, and dehumanizing language to giving Rioters ways to support members of the AAPI community through action.

K/DA Seraphine Fireside Chat

A group of Rioters hosted an internal fireside chat to talk about Asian American representation in League of Legends and provided an inside look at K/DA Seraphine. They talked about how her Asian American identity informed her design, lore, and social media presence.

And More

  • Spotify Playlist: Rioters put together a playlist that features music in over a dozen languages from Asian and Pacific Islander artists all over the globe.
  • Asian & Pacific Islander Recipes: To celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, Rioters shared recipes with each other to bring a blast of taste from the unique cultures and regions of Asia and the Pacific.
  • Double Donation Matching: We doubled our charitable donation matching for pre-approved organizations that support AAPI communities for the entire month of May!

Beyond AAPI Heritage Month

Even though AAPI Heritage Month is over, our commitment to Asian and Pacific Islander Rioters, players, and communities is ongoing. We’ll continue to support Rioters, players, and people everywhere who face racism, hatred, and bigotry in their lives. Our work is just getting started.