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Riot Games Social Impact Fund

In 2019 we announced the Riot Games Social Impact Fund to help us level up our ability to make a global impact.  Little did we know how much we'd use the Social Impact Fund to distribute aid in the year that followed.

Our main goal for the Social Impact Fund is to address deeply systemic issues and behavioral change through our stated priorities: Education, Opportunity, Citizenship, and Sustainability. To do this, we identify unique theories that can make a long-lasting, evidence-based impact in the area they’re trying to support. This approach takes time, research, and project co-development, but we believe it leads to the most impactful results.

Since we’re now a multi-game company (what a time to be alive!), we want ways to bring the entirety of our community together and share our collective impact. We’re excited about what we have planned, and can’t wait to share more detail with you a bit later this year.

While Riot Games strives to help support the communities we’re a part of both broadly and locally, we receive such a large number of requests that we can’t accommodate all of them. Our priorities of focus include:

  • Education: To provide and expand access to STEAM education and Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) to prepare students for jobs in the future economy.
  • Citizenship: To encourage, build, and protect inclusive and supportive communities in-person and online.
  • Opportunity: To support people from all backgrounds to live an equally just, healthy, and happy life so that they can realize their potential.
  • Sustainability: Commit to reducing our impact on the environment and by helping our players and partners reduce their carbon footprint. 

The Riot Games Social Impact Fund does not support the following:

  • Grants to individuals, or individuals fundraising for organizations through walk-a-thons, streaming fundraisers, contests, etc.