Happy Pride!

We’re celebrating this year with more in-game events and goodies, an updated Pride playlist, and a brand new community hub to showcase the incredible creativity across LGBTQIA+ gaming communities.

Community Pride Hub

Riot Games 2024 Pride Hub Community Submissions

Last Pride, we collaborated with seven LGBTQIA+ community artists who delivered beautiful pieces of artwork for each of our games. This year, we’re opening up the spotlight to the entire community with a hub on Riotgames.com where you all can submit your work to be featured in the gallery. Whether it’s a stream, a Discord channel of friends, fan art, cosplay, or any other way you show your pride, we want to shine a spotlight on it. If you or your friends are doing cool stuff for the LGBTQIA+ gaming community, have them submit – we’d love to learn more.

Head over to the Community Pride Hub to submit your own content or check out all the amazing submissions from the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. Rioters will be reviewing every submission, so the sooner you submit, the sooner we can add your work to the hub.

Note: The content for this effort is destined exclusively for the Pride hub — it's our way of highlighting the community, without extending its use to in-game assets or future initiatives.

Pride Across Our Games

Riot Games 2024 Pride In-Game Content

Since we first started celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community with in-game content in 2018, the collection has grown every year to provide more options for representation of individual identities. This year we’ve got free new emotes, trails, missions, gun buddies, and more across our games.

Twisted Fate makes a return to Pride locking hands with Neeko for this year’s emote. The new emote will join TFGraves, K’Sante, Vi, and the rest of the ever-growing Pride collection. To see how TFT’s Little Legends and League are getting in on the party, this article has everything you need to know. 

In Wild Rift, Cait & Vi lead the way with a new icon and you'll be able to earn a special banner so that you can show your Pride when you queue up with friends. Over in VALORANT, a new Tactibear Pride gun buddy headlines the new additions to VAL’s Pride collection. 

The Pride Playlist

Last year, we asked Rainbow Rioters, our Rioter Inclusion Group for LGBTQIA+ Rioters, to volunteer songs to create a Pride Playlist on Spotify. This year, we’re making the playlist official with plans to update it every year while shifting the playlist so it's specifically featuring songs from LGBTQIA+ artists. Madge, the artist behind 2WORLDS, an homage to Clove, VALORANT’s non-binary Controller, is also leaning in to curate the Pride playlist helping us showcase as many up and coming LGBTQIA+ artists as possible.

March for Pride

Inside Riot, we’re growing the ways Rioters can celebrate while raising money for charities through March for Pride, an annual campaign that turns personal wellness into monetary contributions. During Pride Month, whenever Rioters engage in physical, mental, or social wellness, they receive points that are converted to cash in Benevity, our donation-matching portal, so Rioters can contribute to the charities close to their heart. 

Pride at Riot could not happen without close collaboration with the Rainbow Rioters, our LGBTQIA+ identity group. To learn more about some of the incredible Rioters that make up this RIG, check out these stories featuring Maria PentinenPatrick Ryan, and Kat Wong. Another edition of Rainbow Rioters Find Their Lane will come out later in Pride Month!